Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fertility School : Fertility Symbols 101

Fertility Crystals

Crystals are full of energy and heal the body. You can wear the crystals, place them in your room or try using them in massage.

Rose Quartz


Other Fertility Symbols

Laughing Buddha with children climbing on him for fertility.

Sicatas placed in the house.

Elephants- Pair placed at bedroom door or single elephant in house. Elephants placed too prominently is believed to produce a boy.

Hollow bamboo placed in the north corner of the bedroom to aid conception.

Red lanterns placed in the bedroom bring creative energy.

Dragon placed on the mans side for a man’s virility and stamina.

Fertility goddess symbols worn or placed in the home.

Kwan Yin Statue- Goddess of compassion that guards children.


Fertility Feng shui

Make a fertility bracelet

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Mrs. Earnest said...

thanks for posting this. i lost a baby back in Oct. 2007, and now I am so crazy that I cannot get pregnant. this was uplifting.